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What is a Thot?

Thots definition: That hoe over there.
What what's the real meaning of thot in America? While urban dictionary provides little information, Dictionary.com defines thot as a woman considered to be sexually provocative or promiscuous; a slut or whore. But what exactly are the origins of the term thot? Popularized by rap music, the term thot has exploded in use and popularity. But finding thots online hasn't been the easiest thing, until now.
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Megan Thee Stallion and her platinum song turned the term thot into a commodity. Of course it's no surprise that thot appears frequently in this artist's song lyrics, merchandise, music videos, Getty Images, and instagram profile. Other hip hop artists and rappers have began using the term as well. In an interview, Duan Gaines, who has produced videos for rapper Chief Keef, says he first heard the term on a shoot in 2012.

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Still Have Questions?

Not ready to meet thots in your area? No Problem! If you're just here to learn more about thots, check out our frequently asked questions below.

What's the meaning of thot?

Still wondering: what does the word thot mean or what does the acronym thot stand for? The official meaning and definition of thot is "that hoe over there", which is a slang term that's been popularized by modern culture, memes, social media, and rap lyrics, generally specifies a random person or woman hanging out in a club or social situation looking to take a dick with no regret. Sometimes the term "thotty" is used instead, or the plural form "thotties".

What does thot mean in America?

Thot means (in America) a female in popular culture that is in social situations that's solely there to be a hoe. Thots generally carry luxury items, and may be seen in groups (thot gangs). Their income source is generally OnlyFans or being background actors in a Chris Brown music video.

What is the thot walk?

The thot walk is a dance move where women step with a bouncy motion. This term comes from various hip hop songs is how rappers such as Juicy J and The Game think that thots walk.